The Chair of Lightness

The Chair of Lightness is a patented innovative product without known analogue. It is inspired by the form of the emblematic Russian doll Matreshka. The soft curves of the female body come to life in the form of fibroglass in two main colours – white and black. The product is unique not only with its form, but also with the fact that it is a lamp in which you can actually sit. The built-in LED RGB lighting in its upper part can be remotely controlled, it allows thousands of colour combinations (including white for reading) and it fades in and out. It can be used also as a lamp.  The chair invites and embraces you, it enhances and dominates your emotions. Touching the chair is a discovery – you subside into a harmony of immaculately chosen materials, skillfully amplified by comfort and functionality. You sink into your own harmonic ambience of colour and a sense of softness. The Chair of Lightness is an interior solution which inspires and seduces you, turning into an essential accent in your personal space.

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